The Choomi Naturals team often gets questions about the ingredients we use and the products we make. We compiled frequently asked questions to help you get to know Choomi Naturals better!

Ingredient FAQs:

Are all of Choomi Naturals’ cookies, macaroons, and brownies dairy-free?

Yes — 100% dairy free! We use high-quality non-GMO chocolate that does not contain dairy. Our ingredients are sourced from suppliers specializing in high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

What sweeteners do you use instead of high fructose corn syrup? 

We always use minimally refined sweeteners, such as dates, honey, coconut sugar, and evaporated cane sugar. 

Are Choomi’s snacks made in a peanut-free facility? 

Yes, they are! Choomi Naturals macaroons, brownies, and cookies are all nut-free and allergy friendly, making them an excellent snack for the whole family. 

Are Choomi Naturals celiac-friendly snacks?

Yes, all of our healthy snacks are 100% gluten-free and made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Snack with confidence when you choose Choomi Naturals. 

Are Choomi’s healthy snacks vegan? 

No, they are not vegan, but they are vegetarian. Our macaroons, brownies, and cookies contain eggs.

Product FAQs:

Where did the recipe for Choomi snacks come from? 

Our original coconut macaroon recipe came from Pete’s time spent working in restaurant kitchens in New York City. After discovering consumers were looking for healthier versions of classic favorites, Pete began tweaking recipes to create the perfect healthy gluten-free macaroons and brownies.

Can I order a box that has a variety of flavors? 

Our website makes it easy to find a box of snacks that suits your cravings. Choose from boxes with one flavor or a variety of flavors, or build your own combo! Shop our healthy snack collection today!

Do Choomi Naturals snacks taste good? 

In our humble opinion, our health snacks taste better than many mass-produced cookies. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients shows up in the overall taste of our macaroons, brownies, and cookies. You don’t need to be a health nut to enjoy our snacks!

Does Choomi Naturals have gift boxes for children and adults?

We are pleased to offer a great selection of gift boxes for snack lovers of all ages. Our gift boxes are ideal for birthdays, holidays, colleagues, and friends. You’ll find specially curated gifts for beach lovers, outdoor adventures, book-loving kids, and more!

If you have a question about Choomi Naturals that we didn’t answer here, feel free to drop us a line. We love hearing from our customers. Here’s to healthy snacking the Choomi way!

Photo of children holding up four different colored bags of Choomi macaroons and brownies.